You can mix and match any of our menu ingredients to suit your cravings...here are a few of our favorites.

Boar's Head Special - Fresh Boar's Head Roast Beef Sub with Jalapeno Jack Cheese and Horseradish sauce


Fresh Egg Salad Sub - Homemade fresh TODAY... served with Roasted Reds


Triple Treat - Tuna, Guacamole and Chicken Salads all made fresh today. Served on a bed of greens with tomatoes, onions and your choice of dressings.


Also try..


Turkado Sub - Fresh smoked or white meat turkey with guacamole salad.
Tuna, Guacamole, Swiss Cheese & Jalapenos
Hot Roast Beef with Swiss Cheese on Wheat
Tuna with Pickles and Provolone Cheese
Deluxe Italian with Roasted Reds
We accept all Major Credit Cards


Come and See Us! 1917 Highway 146, Seabrook, TX - 281-474-3973
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